The Upminster Festival of Freemasonry arrives

The long awaited Festival of Freemasonry takes place and was a resounding success

At The Square at Upminster on Friday 2nd June 2023, nearly all the Orders of Freemasonry were brought together so that anyone thinking of joining an Additional Order could see what was available to them and interact with the respective representatives. It was hoped that this approach would also broaden the minds of many Masons who were possibly unaware of all the different Orders that exist.

The Festival of Freemasonry was such a success that well over 60 prospective applications were received for new members, including 17 for Craft, 9 for the Royal Arch, 16 for Rose Croix and 10 for Mark Master Masons.

There were representatives from:

Provincial Grand Lodge Executive,

Provincial Reps (Almoner, Charity Steward, Communications, Membership and Hermes Support).

Other Groups included Essex Masonic Sporting Clubs, Essex Mason, the Welfare Trust, TLC, the Masonic Halls Group, Cornerstone Club & Lodge and the Macnab Lodge.

Together with the Upminster Masonic Hall, Chairman, Finance Director, Building Director and Facilities Manager.

Non-masons and representatives from other invited groups that use the Centre including the Upminster Fellowship.

We believe this was the first event of its kind to showcase virtually every facet of Masonry under one roof, along with many of our clubs and specialist lodges. It also gave everyone, including our families and friends, a chance to see and appreciate what motivates us to practice our Masonry here at The Square, and to understand what and who is responsible for our growing waistlines and generally make us smile.

The Festival was open to all adults, including the general public, to help them understand Freemasonry and its various parts.

We also hoped it would give other Centres and Provinces an idea that could assist them in spreading the word about our wonderful fraternity.


Top: The Provincial Grand Master, Paul Tarrant in attendance (centre left)

Left: Various representatives’ tables

Right: Paul Thurgood representing the ‘Grand Council of Knight Masons’