Welcome Brother! New entrants via the Members' Pathway

Check out these new members showing the Members' Pathway is working extremely well

Brother Samuel David Beardwell-Lacey

A fantastic evening was enjoyed by all at The Royal Burnham Lodge No. 4904 at the initiation of a Pathway candidate Samuel David Beardwell-Lacey. Now, Brother Samuel was introduced to the Lodge by Simon Lockwood, DepProvGMO.  A wonderful ceremony in the temple of the Clark-Lewis Masonic Centre, Burnham-on-Crouch followed by a superb Burns night festive board at the Burnham Yacht club.

Front row – Left to right

Andy Wade (DC), Thomas Newman-Clark (IG), Pat Conroy (SW), Samuel Beardwell-Lacey, Ray Linford (WM), Daniel Winfield (JW) and Greg Gladden (Chaplain).

Rear row’s – Left to right

Dave Hilton, Karl Burridge (partly obscured), Terry Genes (Secretary and membership secretary), Brian Beardwell-Lacey (Samuel’s Grandfather), Mike Lovell, David Peabody (Acting SD), Gareth Jenkins, Patrick Moore, David Howes (IPM), Steve Brett, Charlie Reed of Sibelius Lodge 9448, Simon Lockwood (DepProvGMO), Graeme Smith (JD - partly obscured), Andrew Saban (ADC), Russell Hills, Ian Keppel (Almoner and Assistant Secretary) and Chris Stokes of Spero Lodge 6825 (Tyler).


Brothers Alexander Batt and Jack Reed

The Colcestria Lodge No. 7123 performed the Double initiation ceremony on the 25th February 2023 at the St Giles Masonic Centre, Colchester.

Left to right: Jim Burgoyne, Alexander Batt, Brian Chenier MBE (WM), Jack Reed and Alf Brown.


Brother Claudio Patricio Duran

The newly appointed Membership officer, Paul Beaufils, attended the Pathway event held at the Lux Solis Lodge No. 9781 in the Chingford Masonic centre during Spring 2022. The meeting, run by Colin Felton, Assistant Provincial Grand Master, and his team, was informative and showed that the Province was taking serious steps to not only stop the erosion of Freemasonry in Essex but also to expand it.

Paul informatively adds “It was emphasised in the meeting that the success of a lodge is firstly about caring for the brethren you already have. It’s easy for a brother to feel unloved or unwanted and then leave. Let’s imaging a boat that is taking on water through a few leaks, it is important that the leaks are plugged first, before new passengers can embark. As such, Pathway is not there to save failing lodges, it is there to help candidates find lodges, that they think will suit them, that want them, need them and can support them for their masonic lives.

We all know every lodge is different in its behaviour and that is why our Provincial Membership Team Officers need lodges to complete a lodge profile - a bit like a dating site. For instance, Lux Solis is a day-time lodge that meets on Friday with meetings starting at 11am or 12 noon depending on which month. We want our workings to be great and invariably they are, but we set equal importance on harmony in the lodge and having fun rather than just getting it right. So, a candidate that is not available for Friday’s and can only make evenings and wants to be in a regimented lodge, where ritual is more important than anything else, most probably wouldn’t be a suitable candidate for ‘us’ or ‘we’ a suitable lodge for them.

Our Pathway journey started when Lux Solis sent off its completed Lodge profile to Gary Neilson, Group Membership Officer for Harlow and Saffron Walden on 4th August 2022 and three days later on 7th August, Gary sent us a candidate whom he thought would be a good fit with Lux Solis. Gary doesn’t always promise a candidate within three days, we think the stars may have aligned a bit on this occasion. On advice of Pathway, we formed a membership interview team, which we have now kept. This team interviews all prospective candidates whether from Pathway or not as it is equally important to ensure a candidate is a good fit for us, as well as us a good fit for them.

I am pleased to say Claudio Patricio Duran was interviewed in September 2022 and was initiated into Freemasonry at our Christmas meeting and has subsequently attended our February meeting to witness the installation of our next newly made Brother James Searle.

For us Pathway has been a complete success but importantly it has reminded us of the importance of caring for the brethren we already have.”


Brother Johnny Skillicorn-Aston

In April, Johnny Skillcorn-Aston was initiated into the Mitre Lodge No. 9307 at the Witham Masonic Centre. Brother Johnny was introduced to the Lodge by Simon Lockwood DepProvGMO, via the Members' Pathway.

Back row L-R: - Jim McCreadie PAPGM, Jim Gould, (who was also presented with his 50-year certificate by Colin Felton APGM), Alan Currie in front of him Chris Munton (Treasurer), Paul Beech (Secretary), Tony Wiley (DC), Russell Dawes, (Chaplain), Graham Clelland, Simon Johnson, Simon Lockwood, DepProvGMO, and Steve Newman.

Front Row L-R: - Stan Ifield (SW), Colin Felton APGM, Adrian Connolly (WM), Johnny Skillicorn-Aston and Graham Prior (JW).


Brother Ryan Bridge

In April, Ryan Bridge was initiated into the Lodge of Integrity No.5149 at the Chelmsford Masonic Centre. Brother Ryan was introduced to the Lodge by Simon Lockwood ProvGMO, via the Members' Pathway.

Front row L-R: Chris Davy, Darren Sumner, Michael Lawrence, Ryan Bridge, Steve Vinton, Brian Farrington and Ray Quiddington ProvGMO.

Back row L-R: Simon Lockwood, DepProvGMO, Ian Weller and Steve Chambers.


Brother Riyad Islam

The initiation of Riyad Islam into Luxborough Lodge No. 4700 at Loughton Masonic Centre took place on Wednesday 26th April. Brother Riyad was introduced to the Lodge by Bro Grant Tufton, Group Membership Officer for Loughton Masonic Centre, via the Members' Pathway.

L-R: Riyad Islam and Joe Daly (WM).


Brother Sami Sayegh

The initiation of Sami Sayegh into Belmont Lodge No. 9632 at Chingford Masonic Centre took place on Friday 28th April. Brother Sami was introduced to the Lodge by Grant Tufton, Group Membership Officer for Loughton Masonic Centre, via the Members' Pathway.

L-R: Sami Sayegh and Roy Hardy (WM).


Brothers Georgi Georgiev and Tudor Dumitru

A double initiation of Georgi Georgiev and Tudor Dumitru took place on Thursday 11th May at Iceni Lodge No. 6066 at the Chingford Masonic Centre. Mark Smith, Assistant Provincial Grand Master also was in attendance.

Georgi Georgiev was introduced to the Lodge by Brian Martin, Group Membership Officer for Chingford, and Tudor Dumitru was introduced by Grant Tufton, Group Membership Officer for Loughton

Photo L-R: Georgi Georgiev, Andrew Daniel (WM), Mark Smith APGM, and Tudor Dumitru.


Brother Brian Skelton

The initiation of Brian Skelton took place in May at the Lodge of Good Fellowship No. 276 at the Chelmsford Masonic Centre. The meeting was opened by the Worshipful Master, Christopher Gunn who handed the gavel to Philip Lovelock, Assistant Provincial Grand Master, who then carried out a fantastic ceremony of initiation.

Christopher Gunn presented the charge after initiation superbly. The festive board held a St. George's day theme afterwards, which was full of cheer and singing.

Photo L-R:

Back Row: Lester Marinda, Colin Jay (SD), Paul Clark (DC), David Marsh (ChStwd), Paul Ibbetson, Peter Fielder (Almoner), Neil McLean (Secretary), Gordon Cooper, Alan Smith (Mentor), Tony Brunning (IPM), Cliff Jonson (Acting Chaplain), Glen Forder (SW), Simon Lockwood DepProvGMO, Luis Chaves Lopes (JD), Robert Mathew, Jay Flor Blanco and Julius Narvaez.

Front Row L-R: Philip Lovelock APGM, (Treasurer), Bro Brian Skelton, Christopher Gunn (WM).


Brother Mark Addy

On Saturday 10th June, Mark Addy was initiated into West Essex Meridian Lodge No. 9821 at Loughton Masonic Centre. Brother Mark was introduced to the Lodge by Grant Tufton (Group Membership Officer for Loughton) via the Members' Pathway. Mark Jones (Group Membership Officer for Chingford) was also present representing the Membership Team.

Mark Addy and Mark Waddoups (WM).