Paul Harris gives encouragement to all new Master Masons

Congratulations to Peri Shipman of Orsett Lodge No. 5424 who has an exciting journey ahead.

Orsett Lodge No. 5424, on Monday 11th December 2023 at Orsett Masonic Hall, held their Christmas meeting which was attended by nearly 50 Brethren including the Provincial Junior Grand Warden (ProvJGW), Paul Harris, who said “It was an excellent meeting and a very enjoyable festive board, with good fare and excellent company.”

The occasion was made extra special with the Raising of Peri Shipman. Congratulations go to Peri as he begins the exciting journey to the Master’s Chair. Some of the Offices Peri and all new Master Masons can look forward to may include:

Steward: helping with the smooth running, conviviality and charitable side of festive boards. This helps new Master Masons get to know others and often life-long friendships are formed.

Inner Guard:  the first Office involving floorwork and speaking which, if performed well, shows the potential to be a good Worshipful Master.

Junior Deacon: one of the most rewarding roles, especially when someone else relies completely on your guidance.

Junior Warden: bringing with it a marvellous feeling of achievement as the first ‘seated’ Office and helps focus on bigger things to come. 

As the ProvJGW, Paul Harris is keen to encourage all new Master Masons to visit other lodges and, for those aged 40 years old and under, to consider joining the Essex Cornerstone Club (Essex Cornerstone) for young Masons.  There is now also the newly established Essex Light Blues Association (Essex Light Blue Association (Essex Light Blues) | Facebook) with no upper age entry restriction.

After being Raised for four weeks or more, the Royal Arch, Royal Arch (, is a marvellous next step for a new Master Mason to take in Freemasonry. Being at one with the Craft and the next progressive step, the Royal Arch exaltation ceremony to become a Companion is one of the most delightfully memorable.

Peri Shipman and all new Master Masons will discover much fun, friendship and enjoyment on their exciting journey to the Master’s Chair. Paul said “It is a wonderful fulfilling and rewarding experience which is unique to Freemasonry and we wish them all great times ahead.”


Top (L-R): Sam Connor, Steve Joyce, Steve Bruyel, Kevin Wheeler (WM), Allan Leddra, Paul Harris ProvJGW, Craig Noler, Peri Shipman (Raised), Chris Colbert, Bob Murray, Andy Chitty and Graham Hill.