The Members’ Pathway scheme helps Langthorne Lodge enjoy new growth!

Welcome Brother! Direct applicant Martin Wheeler is initiated into Lodge steeped with history.

On 7th December 2023 at Howard Hall in Braintree and just days short of Langthorne Lodge's 151st anniversary, Martin Wheeler was initiated into the Lodge and welcomed in Freemasonry.

Introduced to the Lodge through the work of the Provincial Membership Team, as a direct applicant candidate, Martin was given a superb ceremony of initiation. Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Clive Rees, who was in attendance said "It was great to see Martin enjoy his initiation so much, I don't think he has stopped smiling."

At the festive board the Lodge Secretary, Mark Irving, gave the ‘Toast to the Initiate’ with a heartfelt and warm welcome saying, "I just knew from our first meeting with Martin that he is going to be a great Freemason and will be an asset to our Lodge."

Langthorne Lodge has two more candidates to initiate plus an installation in its next three meetings, making this a really promising period of growth for the long-established Lodge that is steeped in history and tradition since it was formed at the Swan Hotel in Stratford on 12th December 1872 and named after the ancient abbey of ‘Stratford Langthorne’.

Daniel Broyd, the Deputy Provincial Grand Membership Officer said, "The Lodge members are really embracing the Members’ Pathway with social events and engaging their members, it is a real joy to be able to support them with some direct applicant candidates to help the growth process."

Is your lodge still considering the Membership Pathway or yet to prepare a Lodge Profile?

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Top (L-R): Daniel Broyd, Clive Rees, Martin Wheeler and Worshipful Master, Adrian Lister

Bottom (L-R): Clive Rees, Martin Wheeler and Worshipful Master, Adrian Lister