Provincial Grand Lodge of Essex

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Essex Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge at the forefront of Freemasonry in Essex

Essex Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge No. 8665 only meets twice a year at the Southend Masonic Centre, Saxon Hall in Aviation Way, Southend. It was a well-attended meeting on 23rd October 2023 when the members welcomed the Provincial Grand Master (PGM), Paul Tarrant. The special occasion was the Installation of the new Master, Paul Reeves, who appointed Peter Hollingsworth and Charles Elliott as his two Wardens.  

Paul Reeves is a Past Deputy PGM of Essex Freemasons and was in charge following the premature death of the late Rodney Bass until Paul Tarrant’s investiture.  Formed in 1975, the Lodge consists only of Past Masters who have been Provincial Stewards and they wear a distinctive red apron. It is a meeting place for talks, discussions and presentations and is often used as a forum by PGMs to give his leadership thoughts and aspirations for the future.

The Lodge is one of nearly 300 which meet at 26 centres across Essex.  With about 7,500 members in total, Essex Freemasons regularly donate over £1 million each year towards local community initiatives and charities as well as volunteering a lot of time to good causes. The Deputy Provincial Charity Steward, Mike Hall said “Over £847,600 of much needed funding has been granted by the Province to support charities and local communities in Essex already this year.” This is in addition to all the direct donations made by Essex individual lodges.

With around 250 members, the Essex Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge has also been at the forefront of charitable giving. Since it was formed, one special project was the purchase of a St. John Ambulance and another was for a people-carrier for the residents on the opening of the care home at Stisted, near Braintree. During his year as Worshipful Master, Paul Reeves is looking forward to the Lodge continuing to be at the forefront of Essex Freemasonry with its good work in helping local communities as much as possible and upholding the four key Masonic values which are integrity, friendship, respect and service.




  1. The Essex Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge Front Row, L-R: Peter Hollingsworth, Paul Tarrant, Paul Reeves, Nick Franklin and Charles Elliott.
  2. The Master and his Wardens, L-R: Peter Hollingsworth, Paul Reeves and Charles Elliott.
  3. The Provincial Grand Master, Paul Tarrant, toasting the health of the new Worshipful Master, Paul Reeves (right).