A rare occurrence for the Royal Arch in Essex

Field Promotion for Ian Watson to Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies

Formed in November 2010, primarily for past and present Scribes and Treasurers of Royal Arch Chapters, the Chapter of Enlightenment No. 9550 is much in line with the Lodge of Enlightenment. The two convocations each year at Upminster Masonic Hall are designed to be enjoyable, informative and helpful for those who want to keep pace with new developments in the Royal Arch and help in their own Chapter’s success rather than just attending to routine duties.

The Convocation on 15th November 2023 was a special event as the Chapter welcomed Elliott Chevin, the Deputy Grand Superintendent, and members of the Provincial Executive. In an extremely rare occurrence for the Royal Arch in the Province, and on behalf of the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Paul Tarrant, one of the Chapter’s Founders was awarded a field promotion.

The Chapter’s First Principal in 2018, Ian Watson, who has also served as Almoner, received his first Provincial appointment as a Provincial Grand Steward in 2019. Ian was promoted to Provincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in 2022 and made it a hat-trick of consecutive ‘Acting’ Provincial Grand Ranks, when he was promoted in the field by Elliott Chevin to be a Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies.

Ian is an Excellent Companion who keeps pace with new developments in the Royal Arch, not just for his own Chapter but also for the enlightenment of all the Chapters in the Province.


Top: A special occasion for Ian Watson (centre) with Members of the Provincial Executive and Philip Lovelock PProvGSE (second from left)

Bottom (L-R): Elliott Chevin, DeptGSup, Ian Watson on his promotion to ProvDepGDC, John Hubbard, 3rdProvGP