Every Essex candidate can have the best possible Exaltation

A new companion's Exaltation is reinforced tenfold when ritual is of the highest standard.

A well-established chapter of instruction, or companions holding their own rehearsals to practice and prepare, prior to an Exaltation, prevents poor performance.  But for various reasons, howsoever caused, this can be impractical for chapters when members either have other commitments, which take priority on their time, or who find learning ritual is not easy but are happy to support in other ways.

With nearly 200 members who have all served as Provincial Grand Chapter Stewards and formed in 1978, Essex Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter No. 8665 was the 100th Chapter in the Province and the first ‘Stewards Chapter’ in the English Constitution.  

Following the announcement by the MEGS, Paul Tarrant, at the PGC Annual Convocation on 21st September 2023, Jim Wolfe, now heads-up the Chapter’s Royal Arch Support and Presentation Team to give assistance to other chapters in the Province, on a regular basis with team members standing in for other, unavoidably absent, chapter officers.  Jim Wolfe and the Team members are committed volunteers giving up their time to conduct Exaltation ceremonies for other chapters to ensure every Essex candidate can have the best possible ceremony and introduction into the Royal Arch.  

Peter Low, a member of the Essex Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter and the Provincial Communications Officer said “A good example was at Upminster on 28th June 2023 when Andy Chitty was exalted into West Ham Abbey Chapter No. 2291. Bradley Thurgood acted as MEZ and conducted the Exaltation Ceremony and Chris Smith gave an explanation of the signs whilst West Ham Abbey Chapter’s Principal Sojourner, Craig Noler, did an excellent job.” Peter Low added “It’s all about giving and is a sign of strength when a chapter asks for assistance.”

‘Waiting for the call’ and another opportunity to do their best for as many new Essex candidates as possible, the Royal Arch Support and Presentation Team members are on constant standby and are so easy for chapters to access: simply ask your APGP.


Top (L-R): Four Royal Arch Provincial Grand Stewards at the PGC Annual Convocation who are members of the Support and Presentation Team: Paul Kelly, Andy Gooding, Geoff Waddoups and Daniel Moore.

Bottom (L-R): Four Provincial Grand Stewards on duty at the PGC Annual Convocation: Brent Lay, Stewart Eastbrook, Andrew Marchington and Rob Lancashire