Essex First Principals Chapter witness a unique demonstration of Olde

Discover more with the Essex First Principals Chapter No. 3256 and the Royal Arch in 1750

On Thursday 20th April, the Essex First Principals Chapter No. 3256 held a special and unique meeting, at Saxon Hall, Southend.

Owing to Joe Shearer being appointed as a Craft Assistant Provincial Grand Master a new Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies was needed to be appointed.

As such, our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Paul William Tarrant, decided to open a meeting of Provincial Grand Chapter to invest Martyn Cartwright as the new Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies.

Following this members from the Prince Michael of Kent Chapter No 9120 from Middlesex were welcomed, to perform a unique demonstration entitled – ‘The Royal Arch in 1750.’

The first printed version of the Royal Arch ritual was published in 1825.

However, we know that the Royal Arch degree was performed throughout the 1740s and 1750s in Craft Lodges. The demonstration, complete with clothing worn at the time, showed how the ritual would have been performed in 1750.

This was a wonderful and enjoyable demonstration with a suitably themed festive board following.

Membership of the Chapter is open to all Past First Principals in Essex. All Companions, regardless of rank, are also welcome to attend the meetings.

The Essex First Principals Chapter serves to connect Companions throughout the Province of Essex and providing exciting, educational, and fun meetings, as part of our mission to ‘Discover More’ about the Royal Arch and Freemasonry in general.