Seven Kings Chapter reach Platinum status whilst still expanding

Seven Kings Chapter now 118 years old yet still expanding and showing the way

Seven Kings as an area near to Ilford in London is believed to take its name from a derivation of Sevekyngg or Sevekyngges first recorded in 1285. Meaning 'settlement of the family or followers of a man called Seofoca.'

The Lodge was consecrated in 1899 and currently has 54 members. Whilst the Seven Kings Chapter No. 2749 was consecrated in 1906 and currently has 72 members. Both meet at Upminster and with joining members and Exaltees waiting to join, the Chapter is certainly still growing.

At their last Convocation, on the 10th June Brother Cashel Metzger, of Park Manor Lodge No. 4457, was Exalted into the Royal Arch (RA), to complete his journey in 'Pure Ancient Masonry.'  Now, Companion Cashel, who is the current Senior Warden in his Lodge, was keen to be exalted, in order to complete his third degree, and to experience the Companionship the RA brings with both old and new friends, before becoming Worshipful Master.

The Ceremony was of great quality with the Principals delivering the Lectures and the Principal Sojourner, Lee Johnson, is worthy of praise for his part in the ceremony.

The meeting also saw the approval of a cheque to the Festival 2022 which took the Chapter to Platinum honorifics.

David Wilson, the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal (2ndProvGP), was present to receive the cheque and to present a certificate to honour the achievement.

The 2ndProvGP said, “The Grand Superintendent is acutely aware that Companions have likely been making donations through their Lodges. So, funds donated by Chapters is extremely special. The significance of the achievement can be seen in that of the 120 Chapters in the Province only 15% have reached Platinum level.”

With the wonderful atmosphere created in the Chapter, by the members, as well as the Festive Board, with its friendliness and great food, Seven Kings is a successful and expanding Chapter not content to rest on its history and laurels.

One highly recommended to visit or join if so desired.


Photo L – R

Tony Nichols, Cashel Metzger, Nigel Le Gresley (1st Principal), Joe Webster