Sowing the seeds of a Supreme Grand Chapter – Part 1

Read about this unique 'international' collaboration helping Romania establish its own 'Grand Chapter'

Earlier in the year an exciting opportunity arose for the Province of Essex to assist the Grand Lodge of Romania in establishing their own Supreme Grand Chapter.

Two Essex Chapters, Albert Lucking No. C2717 & Epping Forest No. C4263, who, due to falling membership, were about to close, will be used to create the first Romanian Chapters. Initially working in the Province using Emergency and Regular meetings and then in time these chapters will transition - along with their history – to Romania, where they will operate under our Province and when ready, will become the Founders of the Romanian Supreme Grand Chapter.

Supreme Grand Chapter approached the Province to gauge our willingness to assist. A number of online meetings took place, chaired by Elliott Chevin as Deputy Grand Superintendent and attended by, from Romania, Most Worshipful Brother Radu Balanesco, Grand Master and Right Worshipful Brother Razvan Buzatu Dep. Grand Chancellor, and from Essex, Richard Jordan, Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra and David Wilson Second Provincial Grand Principal.

Jim Wolfe - who heads up the Essex Royal Arch Support & Presentation Teams, was given the task of organising the teams that would undertake multiple Exaltations. Of the Support Team members, only 22 could make the proposed dates, so an appeal was sent out in the Provincial Quill, to which another 24 volunteers came forward. Everybody was asked for their capabilities as most were not able to carry out every possible Office, and these were catalogued.

Initially, there were four possible dates, and four teams were created from the volunteers. As the dialogue with Romania continued, this was whittled down to two dates, from which many of the volunteers could not make. From this shortlist, two teams of 12 were formed and they occupied ‘all’ of the Offices in the two Chapters. The two incumbent Scribe Ezra’s were part of the team, representing their Chapter members. In addition, members of these Chapters were also present to offer support and encouragement.

On May 23rd six prospective Romanian candidates arrived at Luton Airport and were transported to a hotel in Southend. They then met at 12:30pm at Saxon Hall and were Exalted from 2pm in a single Convocation consisting of three double Exaltations, Calling-off and Calling-on between each, because no more than one Convocation of a Chapter can be held on the same day. The work ended at 6pm, but the Companionship continued at the bar long afterwards!

Another six Romanian candidates arrived at the Hotel at Midnight and were Exalted in the same manner on the 25th.

The proceedings came to a close with a very enjoyable - and very well attended - Festive board on the evening of 25th at which all 12 of the Exaltees, and most of the team members from both days, attended. Formal - and informal - presentations were made. One in particular, from the new Exaltees, was a Romanian spirit that went down very well as it was passed around the room!

The feedback from our new Companions was one of gratitude and thankfulness for all the hard work which so many Essex Companions had put into the two days.

Finally, if you would like to be part of this unique experience - ‘Part 2’ - will take place on the 19th and 20th July with another three sets of Double exaltations on each day. You don’t have to attend all three, either. Your support would be greatly appreciated by all concerned. It also gives an opportunity to witness how Exaltations can be done and with more than one candidate.

Contact Jim Wolfe for individual times at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Top: Full compliment at the end of the second day - new Romanian Companions sitting with Epping Forest Chapter members in the front

Middle: End of the first day with new Companions of the Albert Lucking Chapter

Bottom: Having some fun at the Festive Board