St Chad Chapter No. 3115 Marks two Milestones

St Chad Chapter celebrated with a beloved Companion as well as a return of some property.

St Chad Chapter No. 3115, which meets at Chingford Masonic Hall and was consecrated five years after the Lodge which has sadly been erased, celebrated with a beloved Companion as well as a return of some property.

The Chapter was formed in 1910 in the same year as Rudyard Kiplings's poem 'If' was first published as well as the opening of the London Palladium. Over the years the Chapter has had many loyal members, and none more so than currently.

Keith Walters, who lives in Dorset and travels to every meeting, was celebrating his 50 years in the Royal Arch and more importantly in St Chad Chapter. Keith was surprised by the presence of the Second Provincial Grand Principal, David Wilson, as well as his DC and  two Stewards, to present a certificate from Paul Tarrant, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, to honour the milestone.

Keith said, “I come the distance I do to be with friends and make friendships. Indeed everyone’s enjoyment and experiences are individual to them but enjoyment and friendships are integral to all our Masonry.”  Keith was also happy to talk about the changes that he has seen over the years as well his life in the Metropolitan Police.

The St Chad Chapter Companions were also surprised to be presented, by members of Coburn Lodge, with Founders Jewels which had been discovered within their property. The Companions were taken aback and all took delight in handling and admiring the items.

A memorable day was had by all and David added, "Whilst we rightly look forward and endeavour to ensure Freemasonry is relevant in today’s society, we must not lose sight of where we have come from and from whom we take the baton to move forward."


Top: L-R Martin Cargill, Keith Walters, Michael Kushin, John Stew.

Below: The jewels resting on the Centenary booklet.