Tabula Rotunda call in the 'A' team after not had any Exaltees for a few years

Having not had any Exaltees for a few years, and like buses, they found themselves in the happy position of having two for their meeting.

Despite the valiant efforts of some to take part, and due to illness, the Chapter had no option but to call on the services of the Provincial Support 'A' team to perform the ceremony. The Stewards eagerly accepted and filled every Office with current and past Stewards.

The candidates, Gary Andrews and David Ripo were treated to a masterclass of ritual with Bradley Thurgood as the 1st Principal and Colin Crombie as the Principal Sojourner.
Mike Hall who was acting as 2nd Principal delivered the Mystical Lecture with great aplomb and Barry Broyd, 3rd Principal treated us to a perfect rendition of the Historical Lecture.

David Wilson, the APGP for Tabula Rotunda, commented that, "We were treated to an excellent display of ritual. It is not a sign of weakness that a Chapter after consideration decides that it can not give a candidate the ceremony they deserve after a two-year wait. Rather that it is a sign of strength. The support team is there to do just that, to support any or many Offices and to assist in a Chapter giving the Candidate the Exaltation which they will remember."