Le Soken Royal Arch Chapter: A Year Late, but Worth the Wait!

Le Soken Royal Arch Chapter, which meets at Kirby Cross, had been planning to celebrate their 75th anniversary

in 2021. Unfortunately the pandemic put paid to that. But undaunted, on the 22nd February 2022, they celebrated their 75th anniversary plus 1!
The Companions marked  this special anniversary with the dedication of a new banner, for which the Dep. Grand Superintendent, Elliott Chevin, and a number of Provincial Executive, past & present were in attendance.

Due to the significance of the meeting, the DepGSupt, took the 1st Principal's Chair and requested that E.Comp. John Crudgington APGP act as 2nd Principal and E.Comp. John Hubbard 3rdPGP to assist at 3rd Principal.
The Chapter Officers then paraded in the new banner where it was dedicated and uncovered by the DepGSupt. who then proceeded to explain the significance of such an event for the Chapter and Freemasons in general, bearing in mind the importance of banners in the Royal Arch.

The 3rd Provincial Grand Principal then gave an absorbing oration on the importance of banners through out history and and explanation of the various parts within the Le Soken Banner. Here is an extract:
In the centre is the familiar design to us all of one side of the jewel of the Order, save that in the middle the rays and compass are replaced with the triple tau within a triangle. The Tau, the symbol of our Order, represents the completion of a Candidate’s spiritual journey in Freemasonry.

The triangle, as we know, symbolises the Deity. Moving outwards, we come to two more triangles interlaced, again symbolising our material and spiritual existence. On one of these triangles is written ‘Wisdom’, ‘Strength’ and ‘Beauty’, symbolising the characteristics of King Solomon, King Hiram and Hiram Abiff, as well as God’s omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence. On the other triangle is written ‘Concord’, ‘Truth’ and ‘Peace’, attributes we are all to aspire to in both our masonic and non-masonic lives.

Outside these triangles are two circles, symbolising the Deity and Eternity and within another circle is a double triad of Latin words, ‘Deo, Regi, Fratribus’ and ‘Honor, Fidelitas, Benevolentia’. The first word in each triad read together translates as: ‘Deo Honor’ – To God, Honour, ‘Regi Fidelitas’ – To the King, Fidelity, ‘Fratribus Benevolentia’ – To the Brethren, Love.
In addition the Chapter were delighted to present a cheque for the Festival 2022 to make them Patrons.