Truly the Chapter of Stedfast Unity really did live up to their name

The February meeting of the Chapter of Stedfast Unity really did live up to their name. Despite some Officers being unavailable

Stanley Lewis, at a sprightly 93, and with 24 hours notice sat in as Scribe Nehemiah to much acclaim by those present. The 1st Principal and the Principal Sojourner excelled in their work and treated the candidate with a superb and colourful Exaltation ceremony

David Wilson, the Chapter's APGP, was also delighted to present a Platinum Patron certificate for the Festival 2022. He remarked that. "The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent is acutely aware that Companions are also likely to be donating through their Craft Lodges. So achievements such as this are a wonderful example of the Chapter's generosity, for which he is extremely grateful".

The explanations of the signs were given in a very informative manner by David Chambers and the Convocation was treated to the Symbolical Lecture faultlessly delivered by a guest Bob Baldwin, who is a member of the Provincial Demonstration team.

In the picture can be seen from left to right: Albert Summers 2nd Principal, Robert Daisley Exaltee, Colin Frazer 1st Principal, Stanley Lewis Scribe N., Michael Poole 3rd Principal, David Chambers Charity Steward