The Members Pathway and a new found enthusiasm for success part 2

Part 2 of this three part series and the positive interactions leading to "The Journey of Discovery"

A Pathway Trilogy showcasing how Rainham Lodge No. 3079 turned a huge corner to re-ignite their passions and start the journey back to a vibrant new future.

Part 2: The journey of discovery and a new view of the Members Pathway

After the post Covid-19 challenges, Rainham Lodge had undergone a huge soul-searching period when, at a chance meeting at Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street, with members from lodges who also met at the same centre, talked a different story about their own current real-life experiences with the Members Pathway.

Rainham Lodge’s Charity Steward, Karl Griffin began to enquire for additional information relating to the Members Pathway. This was initially problematic in that the Lodge was largely unaware of how to proceed but the learning from the recent conference gave information on where to start and so the first point of contact directly led to a discussion with the Lead Group Membership Officer for Orsett Masonic Hall, Paul Morgan, who is a positive exponent of all things ‘Membership Pathway’. Paul introduced the local Group Membership Officers and positive discussions then took place, which culminated in an official invitation for Paul to address brethren at a Lodge of Instruction. Paul was excited to meet the brethren.

To say that Paul Morgan was enthusiastic would be an injustice. If you have ever met him, his passion is infectious and it took no time at all from the point he walked through the door at Lodge of Instruction for him to be given a job by the Preceptor and to immediately join in the ceremony that was being rehearsed.

After the Lodge of Instruction rehearsal, Paul addressed all the brethren present and explained each part of how the Membership Pathway is structured, how it can really benefit Lodges and how the Membership Team are there to support Lodges in many different ways. An important part of which involves understanding more about the Lodge specifically, which he explained is assisted by the creation of a Lodge Profile. The process guides Lodges to be open and honest about what they are really great at and what they may need help to improve on.

Karl and the rest of the brethren present were genuinely excited about engagement now. It was clear that the Membership Team and the Members Pathway was not something to fear, ignore, or anything that was likely to adversely affect the Lodge. Quite the opposite.

Within a short space of time, the members of Rainham Lodge worked together going through the hard questions on how they currently sustain themselves.  Without realising it, they were starting to adhere to all the Members Pathway ideals. They began to believe in themselves and their future once again. This belief and new enthusiasm resulted in a Lodge Profile being created by the members of the Lodge as well as appointing a Lodge Membership Officer, and an Assistant Mentor, who formed a part of the core team to look directly at sustainability of the Lodge and engagement with the Membership Team.

What happened next changed the Lodge’s views forever.

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Top-Left: Some Members of the Rainham Pathway Membership Team

Bottom-right: The Collar and Jewel of the Lodge Membership Officer