The Members Pathway and a new found enthusiasm for success part 3

Part 3 of this three part series and the exciting knowledge that "This Pathway thing really does work"

A Pathway Trilogy showcasing how Rainham Lodge No.3079 turned a huge corner to re-ignite their passions and start the journey back to a vibrant new future.

Part 3: This Pathway thing really does work!

After questioning their future post Covid-19, Rainham Lodge were fully introduced to the Members Pathway, and that engagement led to a completely different view compared to the one which was previously held.

The Lodge Profile that was created could not have been achieved without full input and engagement from core members of the Lodge. The Lodge Secretary, Roy Meleady; the Almoner, Malcolm Tidbury; and acting as Lodge Membership Officer, Karl Griffin; Mentor, Darren Saunders and acting as Assistant Mentor, Tony Adams all played a significant part in its generation along with all the other members of the Lodge.

It is not unusual for lodges to discuss matters relating to the lodge affairs at a General Purpose Committee (GPC) meeting. All lodges do this, however, what was different about getting this type of team together was that Rainham Lodge found there were more free and open discussions as a result and although GPC meetings are crucial, they are also structured on the business just gone at a lodge meeting and towards future lodge meetings, so time is not always available for the wider discussion to take place. A focus team if you will.

New thoughts on how to promote the Lodge were discussed and all things led to enhancing the existing support mechanisms in place. Things like discussion groups (now already in place) and better social media presence, such as a new Web Site and promotional material. This also led to direct in person engagements and promotion of the Lodge by members. A relook at previous interested potential members prior to Covid-19 for example took place, which has yielded positive results.

That is an integral reason why the Membership Pathway process is so useful for Lodges.

While the exciting discussions on sustainability were taking place, a Direct Applicant was presented to the Provincial Membership Team and after meeting him and matching his credentials, wants and future opportunities, it became clear to the Team that Rainham Lodge was looking like a really positive match.

After meeting members of the Lodge, the new Direct Applicant and the Lodge were unanimous in the Direct Applicant becoming a part of the Rainham Lodge family. So many common interests between the Direct Applicant and members of the Lodge generally, together with the incredible social endeavours that are a part of the Lodge culture led to formal proposals to join the Lodge.

This is such an exciting by-product of the Membership Pathway process in which the Lodge really does engage with their members to work on how they sustain themselves, how they are seen by others who may be interested in joining them and how they portray all that is positive about Freemasonry to all.

The first step of the new Direct Applicant is not far away from beginning. What a wonderful situation for the members of Rainham Lodge to find themselves in, but this is as a direct result of them positively embracing the Members Pathway.

We will keep you all posted on how the new Direct Applicant enjoys taking his first steps on his journey in Freemasonry with the Lodge.


Top-left: Lodge Membership Officer Jewel

Bottom-right: Rainham Lodge' new tri-fold pamphlet